Kiosk in airport

Kiosk in airport

How Airport's use Self-Service Check-In Kiosks?

Nowadays, every airport has a #self-service kiosk where passengers can check in. A self-service kiosk has a #touch screen. Kiosk helps to identify yourself with your id or passport. Confirming your flight.Self-service check-in kiosks allow passengers to easily check in and pay for their flights using debit or credit cards. At the end of check-in, the kiosk will issue a valid boarding pass. Passengers will save time by using the kiosk and avoiding long lines.

Look for Kiosks

Every airline has a row of kiosks at the front of the check-in line that look like free-level computer screens. First you need to check in your flight at a kiosk, then an employee of your airline will be on hand to help you attach baggage tags and place your baggage on the conveyor belt.

Identify Yourself

Advance to the accessible kiosk. When using a self-check-in kiosk, Kiosk Assist asks you to verify your identity by using a credit card, entering your flight confirmation code (locator number), or entering your frequent flyer number. Your contact and identification information can be entered using the touch screen. Press the clear or backspace key if you make a mistake.

Confirm Flight Information

Now check the screen to verify your identity, name, and flight information. Press OK or Enter on the #touch screen to confirm the flight and information after confirming the specifics.


Choose or Confirm Your Seats

You will be able to see and adjust your seat assignment during the check-in process. If there are open seats on your aircraft, you can modify your seat assignment at the #kiosk.

  1. Print your boarding pass
  2. Add a Rapid Rewards number to a reservation
  3. Upgrade to a Business Select fare
  4. Change your flight.
  5. Add your name to the standby list
  6. Add a lap child to a reservation (domestic reservations only)
  7. Self-tag and check luggage.