Mobile Device Management Software

The Mobile Device Management tool gives OS/firmware level control over various associated devices operating in different locations, all under one roof. From remotely monitoring individual peripherals of the machines to keeping track of maintenance records, our Mobile Device Management tool can do all that and more.

The screen mirror feature allows the owner to remotely monitor their kiosks during real-time usage and it even allows remote access to the system settings and resources. This feature comes in handy for the owner to simply check the battery power from time to time or to perform preventive/predictive maintenance and regular hardware health check-ups from a remote location.

Most importantly, it allows the manufacturer to offer immediate support, on-demand and remotely, which can be especially useful for overseas customers who can be thousands of miles away from the manufacturer. Through the MDM app, they can offer after sale support and services like license renewal, firmware updates, error troubleshooting or general software support.