Customized Software

Get the most out of your kiosk with our applications tailor-made to your every use case. Although we develop all our apps to run natively on Android, we also optimize them for web viewing on your kiosk or make other customizations according to your preferences.

Finally, we also include inbuilt support into our software programs for all the products compatible peripherals and hardware add-ons for a smooth and seamless user experience.

We build high performing mobile apps that provide users with a sleek and engaging experience.We offer full-scale app development that is tailored to your business requirements.


Customized Hardware

Looks do matter. That is why we leave the entire chassis design, appearance and aesthetics all up to you, so that you can dress up your kiosk to bolster your branding or to just make it look pretty.

Do more with your kiosk by integrating peripherals and add-ons into the base configuration to give you the added functionality of your choosing.

Buy one, use several. Owing to the versatility of the kiosks, you can use them in numerous different events for various purposes by just adding on the required peripherals and the software applications.


Rental Services

Looking for kiosks for tomorrow surprise event? Your search ends here. Rent any of our kiosks for temporary events that might be coming up in short notice, such as product launches, showcases, exhibitions and marketing campaigns.

Not only that, but renting kiosks from us helps you strengthen your brand image to draw more high-quality customers, while also reducing your capital investment on short term use cases.